Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jurassic Forest

Certainly not a canoe destination, Jurassic Forest provides a back-up plan if you are north of Edmonton and it is too windy to paddle. It is also a nice half-day event, perhaps as a useful bribe to a mutinous crew. In any event, we ended up at Jurassic Forest this weekend.

The big draw is the animatronic dinosaurs which are (mostly) very life-like. There are two loops in the park (about 2km of boardwalk total) which takes you through a typical muskeg forest. Every 50 feet there is a new dinosaur which leaps to life as you walk by.

The effect is really best if there are some trees between you and the animal so you can't see how its feet are rooted to the ground. A bit better job camoflaging the bases would also have been money well spent. Along the trail there are a variety of signs. These explain both the dinosaurs and the local flora and fauna.

I was expecting to be appalled, but overall the park is nicely done. It is very stroller friendly but got a bit crowded as we approached lunch time.

The crowding created a cheek-to-jowl experience that was unpleasant but occasionally funny. One father, who was trying to get his kids excited about each dinosaur kept yelling "I see tail!" Which, in turn, made me giggle.

There are concessions on site. You can also bring your lunch and eat in the picnic area. Jurassic Forest also boasts the world's largest sandbox, which was less thrilling than is sounds.

Overall, a nice diversion on a windy day.

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