Friday, September 24, 2010

Lac Beauvert, Jasper

Perhaps the prettiest lake in the Rockies, Lac Beauvert is a very quick paddle if you have 90 minutes to spare while in Jasper.

There is just under two miles of shoreline but the scenery is spectacular. And a drink in the Jasper Park Lodge is a nice way to end an evening on the water.

The nicest spot to put in is the docks in front of the Jasper Park Lodge. If you are not staying in the Lodge, you can drive through the resort on Whistler Way and then hang a right onto Edith Cavell Crescent to drop your canoe. But you'll need to return to visitor parking to park your vehicle. You can also rent canoes, paddle boats and transparent canoes here for around $40 an hour.

An alternate access point is across the lake at the end of Old Fort Point Road. This requires a very minor climb (three feet) down a slope to put in. I'd say this slope has slipped a bit over the past five years as it is shallower grade than it used to be.

The NW leg of the lake ends in a creek that eventually dumps into the Athabasca River. This is not navigable, but if you're careful you can paddle right up to the outflow of the creek which is cool for the kids.

There is also a good chance of seeking wildlife. Herons and waterfowl are common. And we once played a game of hide and seek with a diving otter for 20 minutes (which was likely trying to led us away from its young).

Also a common visitor are elk. These are much more fun to run into from the canoe than on foot!

You can also hike around Lac Beauvert and paddle Mildred Lake behind the Lodge.

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