Friday, August 12, 2011

Lake Edith, Jasper

Nestled beside Lake Annette is Lake Edith. The two of them make a nice day of paddling with a swim (in Annette, which is slightly warmer) and lunch interspersed.

If you had dinner at the Jasper Park Lodge, you could add in a paddle on Lac Beauvert in the evening.

Edith runs basically north-south, with a longer reach on the east side of the lake. There are private cabins at the north end of the lake and your best access is from the parking lot on the south end. There is a short carry (150-feet?) and then you launch off of the beach.

The is a small creek to the west of the beach as well as an island in the north-western reach of the lake. In the north-eastern reach there are interesting sandbars (I think you can walk across the lake at one point) and a sunken kayak to spot.

Edith has (at a guess) about 4km of shoreline. There is also a series of roads and bike paths that allow you to circle the lake. This yields some very nice views of Pyramid Mountain.

Like most lakes in Jasper, the waters is very clear and has a lovely green tinge. This is as easy paddle for novice canoeists and I don't recall ever seeing the lake particularly rough.

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  1. A friend informed me that it was possible to rent paddle boards at Edith during the summer of 2015. Not sure if this is an ongoing thing but it expands the rental options (normally Beauvert, Maline and Pyramid Lakes) nicely.