Sunday, June 25, 2017

Astotin Lake

We went Astotin Lake at Elk Island Park last weekend for a paddle. The park was crazy busy (free entry this year coupled with a nice day). There are almost 50 cars with boats on top by the time we left and they were also renting canoes and kayaks on the beach.

Jenn and Jess had a nice paddle while I rode in from the main gate. Jenn got shat upon by a pelican and the wind was just picking up as they were coming back in. It got rougher as I went out and I took a wave over the bow deck and into my lap!

Even with the chop, there were some nice sheltered bays to the north and south of the beach. Lots of birds including pelicans.

There were also voyageur canoes on the water for a bit. 

And the new boat launch was busy. We just carried to the beach as a beach launch is easier.

We finished the trip off with a picnic, a hike, and an ice cream cone from the food truck that was out there.

Overall, a wonderful trip (pelican poop notwithstanding).


  1. Just curious what time of day you arrived at the lake. I'm guessing the weekend days will always be busy during summer/nice weather but it would be nice to be there before the crowds

    1. We usually arrive around 10. During the week it is dead; during the weekends, it is reasonably busy by 10. Things pickup in the afternoon. The park is huge, though, so even in the afternoons there is room to park and lots of picnic tables and space on the lake.

  2. Was out at Astotin on Friday, September 1. paddling was nice but the boat launch was full of crap (bull rush clumps) which made for a lousy launch site. Beach was better.