Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sturgeon River, St. Albert

We were out on the Sturgeon River yesterday for the first paddle of the season. The looks we got with the kayaks on the truck (still with winter tires) were pretty funny. But the river itself was open. 

We had to bust through some ice at the launch on Mission Avenue but, once on the water, things were fine. The launch closer to Ray Gibbons Drive was still iced in.

There were dozens of muskrats on the river and they were pretty tame. I got within two feet of one.

The paddle itself was lovely. It was about +5 and there was no wind and lots of sun so very pleasant.

Jenn's phone took a dive into the river (low complexity but clean entry, maybe an 8.57?), which was sad but otherwise, it was great.

Last year were were out in late April (26th?) and saw way more ice than today.

The North Saskatchewan is starting to break up (big cracks and movement and open channels over night) but already looks high. It will be a few weeks before the ice is gone.

I hope to get back to the Sturgeon this week before the water rises any more.