Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Low water on the Sturgeon

We were back on the Sturgeon last Thursday night for an early paddle. The river level is very low (like end of summer low) because of the absence of any real snow pack and probably four feet below where it was last spring.

The Mission boat launch was entirely exposed and we decided to try out luck up at the Riel Park launch. Even with rubber mats being laid, it was a mucky entry.

Once we were out, it was fine. A few low spots. Then the wind came up (40kph maybe) and make for a very interesting paddle up to Big Lake.

The water doesn't look rough because the wind was blowing across the river, which was about 50 feet wide at most. But it was hella windy and the boats were constant being blown against the south bank.

We got out to the lake where there was some open water. But most of the lake was still iced over.

After some dithering, we decided to turn back because it just wasn't a fun paddle. We bought Jess a paddle board for Christmas (she's outgrown the beige kayak) and I'm happy we didn't try it out in this trip!

Getting the boats back on the truck was, frankly, a misery in the wind. And I was covered in gooey bank mud and had to drive home with the windows open because of the stink. I'm keen to get back on the water but not until the Sturgeon rises or the North Saskatchewan breaks up (water is also low there).