Saturday, July 25, 2020

Pierce Lake, Saskatchewan

Pierce Lake is located on the west end of Meadow Lake Provincial Park. We put in at Sandy Beach on the south-west corner of the lake. There may also be access in Howe Bay (we did not go here) or where Highway 950 crosses the creek connecting Piece Lake and Lepine Lake (this might be a scramble, though).

Sandy Beach has a boat launch, washrooms, fish cleaning shack, and a nice enough beach area. The lake was very clean, we launched off the beach, and we paddled east along the shore line for an hour or so. The water was clean and we could see the bottom at least 15 feet down.

The beach was smaller than at Kimball Lake. The swimming was very nice and the campground looks large. The store was not open when we were there. We probably wouldn't go back here as there are lots of other lakes of explore in the park and nearby and this was a bit of a drive (although we did see two bears on the drive).

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Greig Lake, Saskatchewan

Greig Lake is a large lake located in Meadow Lake Provincial Park. The water is very clean but the edges are a bit swampy. The shore is a mix of sandy beaches and rocks.

There appear to be three main access points. On the east side, there is a boat launch in the Greig Lake campground (there is also a store at the entrance). The pictures also suggest a nice beach but I don't know about access for day paddlers.

On the south east corner (off Highway 224) there is a small day area which includes access to the lake (short carry over a berm). The third access point is at the Waters Edge Eco Resort on the west side, but access is restricted to guests.

We had a lovely time paddling here. The side of the lake means big waves in a blow. There was quite a lot of fishing and water spots on the lake, but its size meant that we never really saw anyone closer than 500 feet.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Kimball Lake, Saskatchewan

A vacation took us to Meadow Lake Provincial Park in Saskatchewan. Our first stop was Kimball Lake, which is rated as one of Canada's best beaches. Oddly, the lake did not appear on my GPS (although the road net to the campground did).

The best lake access is on the east side of the lake, just north of the campground. There is a boat launch a little bit to the north of the parking lot but the carry for the parking lot to the beach is about 100 feet and it was way nicer to launch off of the beach.

Boat launch as seen from the water.

We paddled up the north side of the lake to the west end. The bird watching was good: herons, eagles pelicans, and loons all put in an appearance. It was an hour or so to paddle the length of the lake, with several stops to rescue dragon flies.

We had fine weather and this was one of the nicest paddles I can recall.

Wr got the west end of the lake and found a beach (boat in only) where we stopped for a swim. The water is super clean and reasonably warm. It looks like you can get into the next lake with a short portage to the west.

The wind came up so we cut down the south side of the lake and made it make in half the time (there was a bit of chop!). We then sat on the public beach (below) and had lunch and swam.

The beach was pretty dead due to COVID. The store by the campground was closed (this was the case at all the lakes we visited), although the store at Grieg Lake was open. Would absolutely recommend this as a vacation spot. A bit of a drive from Edmonton (6 hours) but amazing beach and a decent looking campground.