Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cardiff Pond

We took a couple of trips out to Cardiff Pond this spring while the Sturgeon was too low to paddle and the North Saskatchewan was too high.

A kayak club has taken up residency here which means a new (and better) dock and beach. This makes for a much nicer launch.

Jess always enjoys collecting fishing gear that has floated away from the many anglers. We ended up with 14 floats and a half dozen lures this time. We also managed to get into the one reach we could not paddle last year because of an aggressive loon.

I also managed to recover a large patio umbrella and a sodden coat. On a separate trip, I found two cans of beer (thanks to the graduating class of Morinville High!).

Overall, a pleasant afternoon only 30 minutes north of town. Lots of birds on the water, including terns, loons, geese, ducks and heron.

 Also lots of other kayakers as the club has practices and races on the weekends.