Saturday, July 27, 2019

Forfar Recreation Park, Long Lake

We drove up towards Athabasca last week to check out the Forfar Recreation Area. The trip is about 90 minutes north on Highway 2 followed by a short drive west on Highway 663.

There is a $5 entry fee to access the lake. The main access point has a beach, boat launch, dock and swimming area. The water is lovely (spring fed and clear). There is also a campground with separate beach.

We paddled north up the west side of the lake. After getting through the first narrows we hit a shallower area with a speed limit. This was much nicer as we weren't have to cope with the wake of the many boats pulling tubes.

Pretty typical northern lake but with lovely clear water (more like northern Saskatchewan lLakes at the tail of the Shield).

We paddled up towards a camp. We came back down the east side to try and get out of the wind that came up. There is also a small camp ground at the north end of Long Lake, but I don't know what kind of lake access there is (google suggests limited).

Further north is Narrow Lake. We didn't try that but there is a campground with water access about half way down the east side of Narrow Lake.

Overall, a lovely day and a very nice lake. We might go back again and see what the south end of the lake holds. There is another Long Lake about 60km to the east (which is confusing) that also appears to have a campground and beach that we might try this summer.