Saturday, October 24, 2020

Pyramid Lake, Jasper

Our last paddle in Jasper this year was Pyramid Lake (on a cloudy morning). We launched from Pyramid Lake Beach on the southwest corner (beach, pit toilets, picnic tables--maybe a 30-foot carry). You can rent boats from the Pyramid Resort on the southwest corner and also launch from there. And you can (sort of) get in just past the parking lot for Pyramid Island 

We circled the lake clockwise, with very calm water in the morning. There are a couple of creeks and we saw a lot of birds and a weasel. 

At the east end of the lake, there is an outflow under a bridge (not navigable). The area leading up to the creek looks like a lovely sandy bottom. It is not. There is a sandy-colours layer of slime and then a seemingly bottomless layer of black goo. If you want to get out here, find a rocky part of the bottom.

Usually we come back around Pyramid Island but Jess wanted to try to sneak under the bridge instead. You like could not do this in a canoe very easily. But we managed in kayaks.

A nice paddle to wrap up our Jasper trip.

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