Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quarry Lake, Canmore

Quarry Lake is a man-made lake on site of an old mine. It is a small lake, maybe one-and-half acres in area. The area is very pretty.

The lake is located a few minutes south and west of Canmore, as you climb up the hill towards the Nordic Centre. The lake is about a 400-foot carry from the parking lot and there are toilets, picnic tables and a small beach.

The lake is usually quite busy with swimmers, fishing and various watercraft. There is likely a whole day of fun and it would be a good place to let kids paddle on their own or to learn to paddle board. There is a walking trail around the lake and (pictured behind Jessica in the shot below) there is a small cliff to jump off of.

The water is cool (spring fed) so swimming is really only an option in high summer. There are plenty of cycling and walking trails, however.

This might be a good paddle to combine with the Spray Lakes Reservoir just down the road.

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