Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wedge Pond, Kananaskis

Wedge Pond is a small lake (maybe three acres?) located about an hour west of Calgary in Kananaskis Country. The pond appears to be a kettle lake and is significantly lower than the surrounding land.

Access is off Highway 40 into the parking lot. There are toilets here and one sign I saw indicated there was a water pump (although I didn't see that). The lake is about a 200-foot carry downhill from the parking lot (trail heads are obvious).

The pond is beautiful, with clear water. The pond is also stocked, with lots of anglers taking advantage of it.

It was quiet the day we were there but I have often seen it hopping with families swimming, rafting, kayaking, etc. The beach is rocky. The western-most part of the lake shore can be a bit boggy and was full of tiny forest frogs the day we were there.

There isn't much adventure here for experienced paddlers but it is a safe and fun place for kids to learn how to paddle on their own.

There is also a hiking trail (maybe one kilometer) around the lake. This might make a good paddle for kids combined with the Mount Lorette Ponds, just down the road.

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