Saturday, November 7, 2020

Island Lake, Athabasca

Work took me to Athabasca in September and, after the day was over, I nipped out Island Lake for a paddle. I put in on the NW corner, coming off Highway 2 to Township Road 680.5 and then off Township road 680A.

A pretty basic but very functional launch. No bathrooms, one bench, lots of parking. The wind was coming up so I stayed don the north end of the lake to get some shelter and passed in to the bay on the NE corner of the lake.

The lake of beautiful. Clear, clean, and no other boats. The leaves and larches were turning.

At the entrance to the NE bay, there was a beaver dam and a very unhappy beaver!

The north shore of the lake was about and hour and 20 minutes to paddle (return).

I'd love to go back next year on a calmer day and check out the islands in the middle of the lake as well as the south end. It looks like there is a public boat launch of Shank Road on the south end. Nearby Baptiste is also on my list (it was way rougher the way I went to Island Lake).

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