Saturday, November 14, 2020

Muir Lake

I popped out to Muir Lake, just north of Spruce Grove one day in October. This is mostly a fishing lake (stocked with rainbow trout) but offers a sheltered paddle. The lake is busy on the weekends and quit on week-days. 

A circuit of the lake takes about 45 minutes if you stop to watch the wildlife. Access is off Range Road 274 (which is Century Park Road when it crosses Highway 16). There is ample parking, a great boat launch and dock and washrooms on the NE corner of the lake.

The lake is peanut shaped and runs roughly north-south, wth one island in the middle. The water level was way up this year (based on all of the bushes that were in the water).

The southwest corner of the lake has a private beach with gazebo and fire pit.

It was very windy the day I was there (>35kph) but the lake is both sheltered and shallow, so there were no real waves, even running down the long sweep from north to south.

There was the usual prairie wildlife (ducks, beaver, muskrats) on display despite the late fall day. 

The proximity to Edmonton, good facilities, and wind protection mean I'd totally go back (maybe in the spring to see the birds).

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